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Garage Door Sensors Repair & Replacement

We fully understand how important of garage door sensors. When these sensors aren’t working properly the operation of your garage door can potentially put your family at risk.

Our team of technicians specializes in diagnosing and resolving any issue related to garage door sensors. Whether its an alignment or wiring problem or even if you notice the sensor light blinking, we can efficiently fix all of these issues.

if your garage door sensors can’t be repaired you can trust us to replace them with sensors that fit opener standards. 

Why Choose Friendly Garage Doors for Sensor Repair?

Our commitment is to deliver a service that is backed by deep understanding of garage door systems.

Here’s what sets us apart from our compitition:

  • Prompt Response: We fully understand the urgency when your garage door sensor is not working. Our technicians are always prepared to respond to your call.

  • Skilled Technicians: Our technicians are experienced in dealing with all types of garage door sensor issues. We use advanced tools to identify any problem accurately and apply the most effective solution.

  • Quality Components: We use high quality sensors for replacements, ensuring durability and optimal performance. Our sensors meet all safety regulations. Our sensors are designed for compatibility with wide range of garage door openers.

  • Fair Pricing: We believe in providing our service at affordable prices. Our rates for repairs and replacements are competitive and transparent without any hidden charges.

Don’t compromise on safety or convenience! Don’t let a faulty garage door sensor frustrate you. Contact Friendly Garage Doors today and have your faulty sensor repair or replaced!